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Laminated Auto glass

Laminated autoglass is a type of safety glass produced by interlaying 2 sheets of glass with a thin layer of PVB film (Polyvinyl Butyral) which could be clear, colored or clear with a shaded band. This technique is what keeps the glass bonded in case of breakage & does not fall into pieces; a “spider web” is created instead. That’s why it is used in the manufacturing of the car’s front windshield. The PVB & the glass are sealed through a series of pressure & then heat. Not only does the PVB absorb energy during an impact but it also prevents up to 95% of the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.
Code # 6225000521513

Tempered Auto glass

Tempered auto glass is a single layered type of safety glass used in the car’s surrounding windows (sidelights) & the back windows (backlights) in addition to the ventilators & sun roofs. This type of glass is available in all colors & with additional necessary accessories especially in the backlights such as the heaters & alarm sensors. It is produced by heating the glass up to melting point (approx 650 degrees) then rapidly cooling by air. This is what makes the tempered glass 5 times stronger than its natural state. In case of breakage, it breaks into non-edged small pieces that are not hurtful.
Code # 6225000521513