Products Quality Assurance

Aman & Safety Group laboratories utilize advanced testing equipments to ensure a good quality in terms of visual appearance, mechanical performance and aging performance.

All quality tests conform to the European ECE R43 & the American DOT certificates in addition to other local & international standards.

Main test list:

1. FragmentationTest(DroppingTower)
Verifies that no harmful splinters appear in the case of breakage.

2. G. Ball Test (Dropping Tower)
Assesses the adhesion of the interlayer in laminated glass and mechanical strength of other toughened glass panes.

3. Kg Ball Test (Ball Impact Test)
Assesses ball penetration resistance of laminated glass.

4. Headform Test (Dropping Tower)
Verifies glass panes comply with requirements related to minimizing injuries in the case of head impact.

5. High-Temperature Test (Bake Test) Bake Oven 250oC
Verifies that no bubbles or other defects occur in the interlayer of laminated glass when exposed to high temperature over an extended period of time.

6. Temperature Change Test
Chelxs that plastic used in safety glazing will not deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperature.

7. Humidity Test (Humidity Apparatus)
Determines that a laminated glass pane or other glass panes with plastic will withstand effects of prolonged exposure to humidity.

8. Abrasion Test (Horizontal Turnable with 2 Abrasive Wheel)
Verifies sufficient wear resistance of a safety glass pane.

9. Light Transmission Test
Verifies sufficient visibility of safety glass panes.

10. Optical Distortion Test
Verifies that the windscreen does not cause distortions.

11. Secondary Image Separation Test
To verify that separation angle of a secondary image from the primary image does not exceed a specified value.

12. Other Tests
R43 & DOT related quality tests.